Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements

BC Award

International School Award 2017-2020

British Council

This award has been bestowed to the school for effectively and efficiently implementing a plethora of projects with international dimension by embedding them into the school’s curriculum.

AKS Award

High Performing School Award of 2018


We received this award for exemplary contribution in the field of education and for implementing holistic approach in school education.


School Excellence Award 2018-19


We received this award for attaining excellence in growth and enhancement of school education prioritizing the 21st Century demands of future learning.


Indywood Excellence Award 2018


We received this award for implementing best innovative practices in school education system and 21st century skills in children.

NSA 2019 (1)

National School Awards 2019

National School Awards

We are proud to announce that our School is selected for “Leadership Awards for Excellence in Curricular Education 2019-20”. The Leadership Awards for Excellence in Curricular Education is the first ever award programme in India promoted to celebrate the enormous contribution of Schools and School Leaders in nurturing talent beyond academics in schools.



The school where a child spends 7-8 hours a day, I have never regretted any time spent through my 9 years in Vikas. Over the course of the year I have created lasting relationships with my teachers and peers. My highly inquisitive nature was welcomed by my teachers who have become an indispensable part of my life. Today I consider Vikas to be my haven for knowledge, always ready to help.


Entrepreneurial Education for our learners…

Parents, custodians and educators aspire the children to be independent and be prepared for the future. But are they challenged

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VIKAS - The Reputed One

The reputation of the school rules. Knowing that the school offered programs which has been operating successfully for years. While

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The School you are looking for!!!

To provide a solid foundation in academics need to tackle progressively. Children deserve the very best possible education in primary,

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