Bharat Ka Socious

Socious - Who is a Socious ? Socious is a Latin word which means a person providing services for the people . Yes ; They are the doctors and Nurses working for the people’s Health striving very hard to save many lives during this pandemic, The Soldiers who are sacrificing lives for our nation at the borders of our country. There are many other personalities like police , Disaster management volunteers who are providing their valuable services for us.

Our Frontline workers are working day and night , Risking their lives to save our lives . The Police who implemented the directions of the government and made sure that the lockdown restrictions , social distancing norms and the wearing of masks are being followed . But we on the other hand are organising birthday parties , Visiting malls and spreading the virus. Doctors on the other hand are our life savers who are providing their services, risking their own lives everyday. But for whom are they striving hard for ? It’s for us , our socitey , our Nation . But we are spitting on the doctors who are providing treatment and we are not willing to give our houses for the doctors to stay. Is this what we do as fellow citizens ?
We should Respect the frontline warriors of our Free India . We should respect their contribution , ensure their safety and Dignity . We should appreciate their dedication and hardwork . Thank you Bharat ka Socious .

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