Contextual Learning what you need to know

Contextual Learning – What You Need to Know

November 24, 2022

Contextual Learning to a student’s experience, is the modern practical method of learning. Rather than just asking the children to learn from their textbooks, this method seeks to give their learning a purpose. The conventional educational

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Importance of global education in schools

Importance of Global Education in Schools

November 23, 2022

The fundamental goal of education is to provide students with the needed abilities, aptitudes, and dispositions to be productive and competitive in today’s and tomorrow’s world systems. Teachers, students, parents, governments, and the general public

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Importance of project based learning

Importance of Project Based Learning

October 27, 2022

Project Based Learning (PBL) or Project-Based Instructions is one of the most effective methods of teaching which provides extensive benefits for students, varying from creative thinking to project management to self-confidence. According to the studies

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Machine learning in education

Machine Learning in Education

October 26, 2022

Old-school instructors are facing difficulty adjusting to machines that can think and learn. Trying to convince them that machine learning would change education frequently can be a difficult task. They will, however, have to accept

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Yoga in Schools - For Better Mind and Health

Yoga in Schools – For Better Mind and Health

September 15, 2022

Yoga is a spiritual practice that is based on an incredibly delicate science that focuses on establishing harmony between the mind and the body. Living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle is both a science and

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