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Civic Literacy

Everyone requires civic education; it empowers every individual to get well-informed about their surroundings, which would mold them into active citizens and for continued contribution to a change in the world around us. It is indeed a vital part of any democracy for equipping ordinary people with knowledge about our democracy and especially our constitution and its rights. We develop a better understanding of people's beliefs, commitments, capabilities, and actions as members of communities. Here we transmit values and norms to them. without meaning to. Active citizens contribute and work in a noble endeavor to make social changes to our community. .

Still A continued effort- An eco-friendly approach solutions
A School is just not about academics, but also it's about environment-friendly building and its resources, minimizing wastage of natural resources, and much more. We ensure our school accommodates every child with a fair amount of space to enhance their ability to be a part of this natural world.

We encourage:

  • Pupils to walk for reducing carbon footprints.
  • Eating green vegetables and fruits instead of processed foods
  • Usage of recycled papers and making the best out of waste
  • Get down to the earth to know our source of existence
  • Be energy efficient and stop wasting resources
  • Keeping the environment clean - as cleanliness enhances mental ability with inflow of positivity.

We together hope to create a civic network where staff, parents and students can be actively involved to resolve issues related to our very own environment in their own small way, supporting a healthy and secure life on Earth.


To enhance inbuilt skills and interests and for few to recognize their best, nurture, and develop confidence to enrich through experience to explore and learn. The Clubs give access to literary, cultural science, home science, social and sports activities….holistic approach way.


Libraries provide us a vent to get out of the rut and puts us in our comfort zone. Surrounded by the likewise people, it gives a fresh breather towards life. Library preserves the time and space as well as intellectual activities. Our library is a treasure of knowledge that makes every child drive in to enjoy their space and feed their learning curiosity. We have decked up our study corner with Subject-Backed, Genre-Based, Travel, Action and Adventure, Religious books, Encyclopedias, Autobiographies, Biographies, and Dictionaries.


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