Frontline warriors of free India

Soldiers are going to the border to protect free India. Though we are in free India, there are some countries like Pakistan, China etc. that want to occupy parts of our country. There are also some countries that support India such as Russia, France etc.

For the protection of our country, soldiers go to our borders to ensure we have safe and secure. During this process, many of them lose their life fighting the enemy. It is a challenge for our soldiers. Protecting the borders is the most important job for a country to be safe and protected from external forces.

The soldiers also help the people of the country during natural calamities. The help in rescue and relief operations during floods, building collapses. It makes outs hearts beam with pride when we look at the army because of which our families are safe. Soldier’s life is filled with sacrifices and pride for the country.

Thank you soldiers for saving our lives !!

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