saluting the varioar

Saluting the Frontline Warriors

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought our lives to a standstill and has confronted the entire world with a crisis like ever before, redefining the way we exist. However, in the wake of this unprecedented calamity, the medical community including doctors, nurses, and the medical staff are the true warriors who are fighting this disease on the frontlines and putting their own lives at risk to keep us safe. Although most doctors have experienced the
gratification of healing patients and saving their lives, many battles have also been lost along the way with several doctors going to the extent of even sacrificing their own lives in the line of duty.

As we observe Doctors Day on 1st July, in India, it is the ideal opportunity to extend our gratitude to all the doctors and physicians for their service round the clock. We need to give the medical fraternity the respect and compassion that they truly deserve.

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