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“Learning and leadership are indispensable to each other”.

Martin M. Chambers defines leadership as: “A process of social influence in which one person is able to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.”
Leadership is a social process in which one person exerts intentional influence over others to structure activities and relationships in the given surroundings. One view regarding leadership is that all the responsibilities and functions are concentrated in one individual and others are followers. The other view is that leadership is a social process that occurs naturally and is shared by all in the system.
The latest focus is on strategic leadership. Strategic leadership is based on long-term planning. It involves establishing and maintaining resources, and communicating vision. And to achieve this we need focus from the very beginning. We aim to provide wings to the one who dreams to be a flyer and muscles to those who think of developing wings.

INNATE OR ACQUIRED: The First Step towards “being a leader”

Exuberating, motivating, enlightening, and engaging would describe the commerce fest conducted by commerce students. The objective of this commerce fest is to facilitate the young and yet to be entrepreneurs in the process of learning many things like taking the initiatives, marketing strategies, selling and pricing of the products, handling of amounts and distribution of profits. These fests also enables the students to learn the concept of risk vs. return by alternating between higher order concerns to lower order concerns. The main aim of such fests is to bring out the leadership skills and accomplish managerial skills.


Entrepreneurs and businesses form an essential part in bringing the society in terms of finance and human resources. For this, the country requires more and more successful young entrepreneurs to meet the growing needs. The students of this generation look out to become their own bosses. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and it is an approach that identifies new opportunities and solves problems. Therefore, it is vital for students to develop entrepreneurial thinking skills right from their schools.

To support the budding bosses, we invite leaders from different walks of life to share their experiences, success stories and tips. We also acknowledge and award young leaders who have successfully contributed to our community in their own unique ways, providing motivation, inspiration and confidence to the ones who are chasing to acquire the best.


Our MUN program is an academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international Model UN, and also about diplomatic competitions. MUN is used more to express a country's belief in the committee to pass favorable resolutions. It helps in fostering public speaking, research, teamwork, and leadership skills.


TEDX talks make leaders in a local community with a global approach by sharing thought-provoking videos and speeches unleashing GenNext ideas and inspiring and informing students of upcoming global challenges. We are the pioneers in the field of Educational leadership.





The school is where a child spends 7-8 hours a day, I have never regretted any time spent throughout my 9 years in Vikas. Over the course of these many years, I have created lasting relationships with my teachers and peers. My highly inquisitive nature was nurtured by my teachers who have become an indispensable part of my life. Today I consider Vikas to be my heaven for knowledge.




Since Joining Vikas- The Concept School, my overall growth has gone beyond imagination. Here, we are gifted with a plethora of highly motivated teachers, who focus on molding us into future leaders. The school offers HAP courses from grade six onwards which aims at smooth transition into advanced courses


Snigdha Barui


Vikas – The Concept School, truly focuses on conceptual learning and holistic education beyond schooling. My teachers have always provided a very safe learning environment. As a student, I would recommend everyone to co


Sathvik Kalavacharla


My teachers have always encouraged and inspired me to go above and beyond my own capabilities. Vikas has transformed me into a better ‘social being’. Truly, Vikas has always stood up to its motto “Holistic Education Beyond Schooling”.


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