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Lockdown can be fun with our virtual summer camp

It’s summer time and the school holidays are upon us with both parents and children gearing up for a long, hot summer in the age of the Covid-19 lockdown. In order to engage our students while they were at home during the lockdown, Vikas, The Concept School, had organized a virtual summer camp for students from Grade 3 to Grade 8. 

This virtual summer camp had engaged the students in several different activities from May 15 to May 29, 2020. A virtual summer camp had been a lot of fun and engaged children who would otherwise be bored being at home and not being allowed to go out and play. 

During this virtual summer camp, students have engaged with their peers and enjoyed several creative activities, with everything happening online. They have explored their creativity and learnt new skills. The activities that had been organized included Arts & Crafts, Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Entrepreneurship, and more. Each day brought a new activity that students could engaged in. 

There are certain advantages to being a part of a virtual summer camp. Some of them were:

  1. The virtual summer camp helped students build a unique interest: With the school year being full of academic activities, the virtual summer camp helped students engage in activities that they otherwise would not be able to engage in. The summer camp was a good, distraction-free option, with students being able to explore a new interest or interests.  Students could choose a new activity or hobby during the summer camp, something that they may not have explored earlier. They could continue to explore that hobby even after the summer camp is over.
  2. The virtual summer camp allowed for learning new skills: Even though Vikas encourages its students to engage in diverse co-curricular activities throughout the year, a virtual summer camp allowed students to learn new skills in a dedicated manner. Students were able to get out of their comfort zones and take some risks with their new skills, without the fear of failure and looming repercussions.
  3. The summer camp helped with mental stimulation: The summer camp encouraged experiential learning with students actually doing varied creative activities. This resulted in long-lasting mental engagement on the part of students.
  4. The summer camp enhanced confidence due to success in activities: Some of the activities at the Vikas virtual summer camp may have been new for your child. As students engaged in different activities and were successful in doing so, it enhanced their confidence and this propelled them to do even better in other activities.
  5. The summer camp led to creativity: During the summer camp, creativity was not stifled. The students were simply learning new hobbies and did fun activities that engaged them to be more creative, in a fun and fulfilling environment. 
  6. The summer camp built resilience: The summer camp helped build new confidence, independence, and a sense of belonging. All of these contributed to the development of your child, even as the latter steps out into the world as a confident, able adult.

At Vikas The Concept School, we think outside the box. We are a centre of excellence, focused on shaping children into the leaders of tomorrow. This virtual summer camp was one step in that direction. We believe that every child is creative and unique and that our virtual summer camp activities helped tap that inherent creativity and brought out the best in your child. We also believe that being imaginative and creative improves the mental as well as the physical wellbeing of your child. This is why Vikas decided to organize the virtual summer camp during the lockdown. 

Vikas, a K-12 institution has been a pioneer in delivering holistic education with a blend of academic and cultural activities within a technologically and globally connected environment, over the last 3 decades. Vikas is honoured with various International and National awards from the British Council, Brainfeed and other reputed organizations in the areas of excellence and performance. Vikas has given this nation more than 1 Lakh Engineers and 10000+ Doctors. To foster 21st Century Skills, Vikas established ATL Labs, Robotics Lab, Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship Courses. 


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