One Tiny Step; A Giant Leap For You in Competitive Exams

The world of competitive exams gets increasingly difficult with each passing year. Students aspiring for these exams need to develop the right skills from an early age in order to gain a competitive edge over others.

If you’re an aspirant for these exams, you need to start early in order to lay a strong foundation. If you have time on your hands, you need to develop effective strategies to cruise through your exams. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the advantages of starting early in the world of competitive exams.

1) Develops skills: If you start preparing for your exams sooner rather than later, you can train your mind at an early age to develop analytical, logical, and reasoning skills. This ensures that your mind develops the ability to think rationally and develops clarity of thought. This, in turn, helps you in preparing for competitive exams in your senior classes in school.

2) Promotes out-of-the-box thinking: Training early during your foundation years hones your thinking abilities and expands your thought process so you can think outside the box. You are also exposed to both quantitative and qualitative questions that provide you with the necessary practice so you can successfully appear for competitive exams. You can also develop the ability to visualize so you can engage in innovative learning and discussion-based adaptive learning right from the start.

3) Gives a competitive edge: Once you start early, you will gain a competitive advantage over others from the very beginning. Your understanding and problem-solving skills will already be developed during your senior years in school, even as your peers struggle to begin preparations at this time. Preparing early means that you will have a strong understanding of the basic concepts and you will then be able to move onto solving tougher problems quite early.

4) Lays a strong foundation for competitive exams: When you start preparing for your competitive exams early during your foundation years, this gives you enough time to grasp lessons at your own pace. It also helps you properly understand the logic behind the concepts, clears your doubts, and solidifies your learning. This means that your basics will be strong right from the start. You can then continuously raise your bar of excellence.

5) Bridges the gap between school exams and competitive exams: For the most part, your school curriculum and the curriculum for your competitive exams are different. While the school exam pattern focuses on knowing the concepts, the competitive exam pattern focuses on the application of these concepts. When you start preparing for your competitive exams during your foundation years, it helps bridge the gap between your school exams and your competitive exams.

6) Gives exposure to a competitive environment: When you start early, you can get the necessary exposure by helping you prepare for the different scholarship exams, such as the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and several Olympiads. These exams take place at both the national and the international levels. This fosters an environment that promotes discipline and helps you work dedicatedly towards your goal. It instills in you a very strong competitive spirit that is essential to your success in these competitive exams and in life.

7) Builds time management skills: When you are preparing for your competitive exams, time management is essential. When you start early, not only will this help you build time management and other life skills, but will also help you manage your time between school and competitive exams in an effective way.

8) Prepares for the future: Starting early ensures that you overcome challenges from an early age by gradually developing your skills, your temperament, and instilling in you quality of immense confidence. You will be exposed to several critical thinking questions that will prepare you for future competitive exams. You will also learn to deal with academic pressure at an early age.

Preparing early for competitive exams is an optimal strategy. Vikas The Concept School has adopted this strategy and helps Vikasians prepare for various competitive exams early. Vikasians are not only taught the concepts that are present in the curriculum for competitive exams but are also taught how to apply these concepts.

This strategy has paid off well. Vikasians are admitted to some of the world’s most prestigious universities both in India and abroad. They trailblaze a path of excellence, which is a result of the excellent preparation they have experienced and undergone at Vikas The Concept School.

Vikas, a K-12 institution has been a pioneer in delivering holistic education with a blend of academic and cultural activities within a technologically and globally connected environment, over the last 3 decades. Vikas is honored with various International and National awards from the British Council, Brainfeed, and other reputed organizations in the areas of excellence and performance. Vikas has given this nation more than 1 Lakh Engineers and 10,000+ Doctors. To foster 21st Century Skills, Vikas established the ATL Labs, Robotics Lab, Artificial Intelligence, and Entrepreneurship Courses.

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