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Dear Parent,


We believe that the creativity emerges and flourishes only in the presence of freedom. At Vikas, we teachers let children express their ideas freely so that they are flexible to switch over to any learning system. Keeping this in mind VIKAS has been conducting online / live classroom sessions for the students through an online education platform ensuring that learning never stops at Vikas. This permits our students to explore various online tools to be more effective and fruitful. We, the teachers at Vikas, are privileged to have undergone proper and systematic training from our IT department and have access to these online learning sessions.

The world famous Cambridge University had to remain closed due to the Great Plague of London that ravaged through the British city in 1665. A 23-year-old graduate isolated himself in a safe house in quarantine and began a journey into the farthest reaches of imagination. He engaged in ground-breaking discoveries like the theory of universal gravitation, began his study of optics and formalized what would become calculus. He is Sir Isaac Newton. We would like our students to utilize this lockdown period similarly using our online resources to help unlock the creative potential in them.

Students must also be informed that these classes will not be taught again in the class room, so they need to pay attention and abide by the rules for an effective classroom and beneficial learning.

All the students of VIKAS THE CONCEPT SCHOOL should act responsibly, ethically and mindfully to create an instrumental in learning environment. Students need to understand that certain discipline is expected in an online live classroom and maintain the decorum.

This is a new and exciting way for us to teach and for you to learn. Make the most of this unique experience!

Please find below the Student IT Policy comprising all the rules and regulations that students and parents are expected to adhere to. Please read through the policy along with your child and send an acknowledgment by E-Mail stating that “I will abide by all the rules and regulations of Vikas - The Concept School Student IT Policy” to the respective class teacher.

Student IT Policy

Thanks & Best Wishes


Nimisha Sharma


With the introduction of virtual classroom at Vikas, it made us to see teachers participation in bringing the change in students. As a parent, I really appreciate the efforts of Vikas in providing virtual class support to my child in the current pandemic situation.


Jayita Barui


It gives me immense pleasure to have both my children as a part of this school. The thing I liked the most is that the school is ready to provide support and solve issues if any. It facilitates adequate importance on co-curricular activities along with academics.


K. Leeni Samuel


I am a proud parent of two Vikasians who are being moulded beautifully by the school. This is a place where my children are learning more than just academics. I must admit that the extra- curricular activities which are part of the curriculum helped to build their social and communication skills. I am happy that this year Vikas has moved a step further to keep the parents updated through their portal and mobile apps. I am very grateful to the dedicated teachers and staff and pray for the school. I wish that the school continues to give the BEST and bring out the BEST.


Ms. Binu S Abraham


My daughter had an incredible lifetime journey at Vikas The Concept School from her Pre Primary, LKG, till her Higher Secondary, 12th. The school has been majorly responsible for her being groomed into a beautiful personality. I remain indebted to the institution for having made her what she is TODAY.


K Nanda Kishore


Vikas has played a crucial role in teaching and shaping the lives of the students. Vikas offers an excellent platform for every child to thrive not only in academics but also in various co-curricular activities. Vikas has everything that any parent looks for in a school- visionary management, qualified and empathetic teachers, exposure to various co-curricular activities, and, most importantly, a conducive environment for the development of their wards.


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