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With Vikas School's 'Rules of Safety and Always Be Careful Program,' we have introduced many innovative and new methods of safety measures in the school premise. Safety measures like fire evacuation drill, evacuation plan, awareness of fire exits, and emergency assembly signs, first aiders help the child to take the first step towards safety precautions.

The school is under CCTV surveillance, which records the movement of students and every single person on the campus. The School does not allow any unsupervised interactions between visitors and children.

Safety in the bus is ensured by equipping with specified speed governors, with fire extinguishers and a first aid box, and a trained attendant.

At Vikas School, the safety and security of children is of utmost importance as they believe in the old saying of 'Prevention is better than cure' - and a child needs a lot of safety and security in school to help him/her to build a better future for them.


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