Snigdha Barui


A school fostering a child to go ahead with his/her interests. As it stands by its name, Vikas – The Concept School, it truly focuses on conceptual learning and holistic education beyond schooling. The staff here ensures a safe learning environment. As a student, I would recommend everyone to come and become a part of this family who nurtures our ability to grow. At last I would surely say, I am proud to be a Vikasian.


Entrepreneurial Education for our learners…

Parents, custodians and educators aspire the children to be independent and be prepared for the future. But are they challenged

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VIKAS - The Reputed One

The reputation of the school rules. Knowing that the school offered programs which has been operating successfully for years. While

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The School you are looking for!!!

To provide a solid foundation in academics need to tackle progressively. Children deserve the very best possible education in primary,

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