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The school library provides information that inculcates ideas and develops knowledge that is so essential to function successfully in today's knowledge-based society. The library is equipped with books and other resource materials which match the best in variety and number. There is a separate library for the Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. The collection is quite spectacular-science and technology, computer education, maths, languages, social science, encyclopedia, general knowledge, aptitude, philosophy, biographies, fiction, children's books, etc. Many magazines: weekly, fortnightly, fiction, monthly, bimonthly, and daily newspapers are available in the library. The ambiance is such that it enhances creativity, imagination, and integrity.


Libraries provide us a vent to get out of the rut and puts us in our comfort zone. Surrounded by the likewise people, it gives a fresh breather towards life. Library preserves the time and space as well as intellectual activities. Our library is a treasure of knowledge that makes every child drive in to enjoy their space and feed their learning curiosity. We have decked up our study corner with Subject-Backed, Genre-Based, Travel, Action and Adventure, Religious books, Encyclopedias, Autobiographies, Biographies, and Dictionaries.


Ananya Anumalasetty VIIA


The summer classes of entrepreneurship were really fun and interesting. It gave me the freedom to imagine and to create new ideas. The classes taught me teamwork to figure out an answer to a problem. We also had group projects which were really fun and enjoyable. We created objects that were unique Entrepreneurship is something that we should learn when in a business and in life. I think we should continue having entrepreneurship classes next year too!

Aditya Jain-Virtual class

Aditya Jain

Learning through the virtual classroom is easy and fun. A student/learner can clarify his/her doubts and discuss the concept in detail. My teachers adapt different strategies to explain the lesson for better results.

Saunak Panday

Saunak Panday


I really enjoyed the online art classes conducted by my school, Vikas. I found that there was a personal connection between me and my teacher. The virtual art class helped me express my creativity and I was encouraged to draw and paint whatever I wanted to. I had the freedom to be independent and use the technology to my best advantage. It was a great experience and I would like to attend more such virtual art classes

Pranati Dusi VII A2


Entrepreneurship is a really enjoyable class and I really liked it. I learned many new things from this class and enjoy it. I learned to explore to new things and that I can make things with minimum products. According to me entrepreneurship is a very valuable class and I think more people should try it. I would be happy if the classes start again.

Nitika Manu 8A7

Nitika Manu VIII A7


Entrepreneurship class was very nice. We learned many new skills. There were a lot of activities. Some of them were group activities. We had to connect with different people from home to do group tasks. It was my first time learning about entrepreneurship. I liked activities like wacky invention, marshmallow challenge, etc . I learned about concepts like how to run business, profit and loss etc. The teacher was very encouraging. I wish there could be more classes like this.


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