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Sports & Arts

For a balanced physical and mental growth, to build sportsmanship and team spirit, to acknowledge leadership qualities and perseverance.

We at Vikas have included programs like Khel-Utsav, BHEL Cluster Championships, CBSE cluster meet, School Games Federation of Telangana and Inter-school sports meet to encourage every child to participant and try to win. We also represented the nation on International Forum at Belgium skating championship.

At Vikas, as a part of the curriculum we organize art, music and dance classes for children to foster creativity allowing them to grow emotionally. It enhances lateral thinking, complex analysis, and critical thinking skills. Art gives an outlet to express their emotions enhancing their inner ability to strengthen themselves cognitively.


Priya Shah


Virtual classrooms provided by our school gives me a complete understanding of concepts, the same as that learned at school. It is similar to the actual classroom experience and the classes are lively during this lockdown period. I am very happy to be part of virtual school.




The school is where a child spends 7-8 hours a day, I have never regretted any time spent throughout my 9 years in Vikas. Over the course of these many years, I have created lasting relationships with my teachers and peers. My highly inquisitive nature was nurtured by my teachers who have become an indispensable part of my life. Today I consider Vikas to be my heaven for knowledge.




Since Joining Vikas The Concept School, my overall growth has gone beyond imagination. Here, we are gifted with a plethora of highly motivated teachers, who focus on molding us into future leaders. The school offers HAP courses from grade six onwards which aims at smooth transition into advanced courses


Snigdha Barui


Virtual Learning at Home was a really an awesome experience. Vikas have made an effective online learning sessions through which we progress academically in any circumstances .I am proud to be part of Vikas as it has done an excellent possible ways to promote education.


Sathvik Kalavacharla


My teachers have always encouraged and inspired me to go above and beyond my own capabilities. Vikas has transformed me into a better ‘social being’. Truly, Vikas has always stood up to its motto “Holistic Education Beyond Schooling”.


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