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“CHANGE IS THE LAW OF LIFE, WITHOUT CHANGE THERE IS NO INNOVATION OR CREATIVITY.” Vikas - The Concept School is a dream manifested out of the vast experience, through training young minds to meet global challenges, to set a trend in conceptualized teaching and thereby elevating the school to international standards. The school aims to rise above the ordinary by imparting education that transforms and empowers the child to confidently face this challenging world.

Vikas - The Concept School is a center of excellence focused on shaping the children into leaders of tomorrow. We offer concept and comprehensive-centered education through a developmental approach. Our school environment promotes order, independence, a love for learning, a connection with the world and a sense of social responsibility.

Vikas aims at high academic excellence, based on a sound value system, through a team of committed faculty, so that students can compete in a global environment in all domains, become responsible human beings and make a meaningful contribution to the future.

Education is the process of facilitating learning skills, values, beliefs, and habits and also equipping one with knowledge. Presently, education is determined with the number of certificates or medals one owns. By just attending classes and getting to know about that particular subject cannot be termed as getting educated. Education is getting firm beliefs and values. Every system has flaws in it, so also does present educational system. But every mistake can be rectified and perfect solution can be found. This possible only through by offering holistic education and Vikas is the pioneer in it.

Numerous awards presented to our students is a perfect testimony of how strong presence is made across various verticals of education including academics, sports, literary and cultural.

“Every child is creative and unique” – Keeping this in mind we provide ample opportunities to explore their potentials. Vikas- The Concept School continues to encourage students resulting in maximum participation in all events.

Our strong parent-teacher partnership amplifies the spirit of achieving more, after all we nourish parents dream into reality.


Knowledge is a gift if bestowed with humility. Humility gifts ability and ability enables us to attain wealth. And wealth accompanied with ability and humility bestows happiness.


Our founder Chairman Late Sri Koteswara Rao, focussed on the transformation of educational system which we all yearn for- the holistic development of a student.This in a splendid campus was born-named VIKAS. The philosophy of holy germination came into existence with parent's confidence in us.


Includes the following cornerstones:

Parent Partnership

To enrich a student’s learning experience, a robust lasting relationship between parents and school is vital., we encourage parents to bring their perspectives to the table to formulate a united approach to a child’s success. We empower parents by providing ample opportunities to connect with the school. This two-way communication and collaboration is imperative to enrich minds and develop the growth mindset as when they graduate into next phase - college, career and life.

Academic Excellence:

Our masterful teachers employ diverse teaching practices in order to provide maximal opportunities to learn and transform. They enhance their critical writing and thinking skills, quantitative literacy and global perspectives through experiential learning. Our rigorous and balanced curriculum empower them to attain the assertiveness that comes through optimal performance, knowledge, and comprehension of the ways to succeed in our dynamic world.

Leadership Development

We are committed to serving the public good by creating leaders with strong integrity and life-long civic responsibility. Our students are taught to take control of their life through intentional and thoughtful choices. They are encouraged to value the risk and courage, communicate effectively, and not let the mistakes beat them down. We encourage kids participate in various competitive team sports as it teaches them to work within a team thus improving their emotional and social skills which is an essential quality of a leader.

Innovation & Imagination

Being imaginative helps create more connections between neurons in the brain thus improving both mental and physical wellbeing of a kid. Kids are taught various methods to think differently and come up with innovative solutions by combining ideas. We offer multi-disciplinary hand-on environment with our experts guiding them from imagination to innovative solutions. They are encouraged to become standards of excellence during this process rather than simply conforming to one.

Adaptive Learning

As grasping abilities vary from child to child, we aim at delivering customized learning experiences through the use of technology. Its agility and prompt response to students’ need will empower them to find pride in their work and reach their learning potential. Our teachers skillfully integrate cutting-edge technology with the curriculum thus increasing student engagement and learning.


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