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Analyze your Learning Skills WIth VIKAS National Aptitude Test

India's largest Online Aptitude & Scholarship Test to help you realise your true learning potential
As on 19 Apr, 2021 - 05 PM
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4 th & 5 th

05 AM to 05.00 AM

6 th & 7 th

08 AM to 09.00 AM

8 th & 9 th

05 AM to 05.00 AM

10 th

09 PM to 10.00 PM

Test Details

Class 4-5 Class 6-7 Class 8-9 Class 10
Mental Ability-NSTSE EVS Mental Ability-NSTSE Social Science Mental Ability-NSTSE Social Science Mental Ability-NSTSE Social Science

Why should you take VNAT?

Success = Hardwork x Learning Skill

Many students work really hard, but they are not enrolled in the right school. Epistemo gives students that extra edge in their overall education and imparts true knowledge in a holistic way to all students. The EPITEST levels the playing field by allowing students who would otherwise not be able to afford Epistemo’s fees to get a scholarship and school fee waiver of up to 100%, thereby allowing bright students to not feel constrained by their socioeconomic status.

EPITEST aims at identifying bright students who would otherwise not be able to study at Epistemo due to inability to pay the school fees and opens the door for them for a world-class education.

EPITEST will identify and measure certain learning skills, such as Numerical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Application, and Retention.

Test Highlights


Vikas Scholarship Programme

Up to 100% scholarships and school fee waivers awarded. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Learning Skills Report

Each student’s score will be presented to the student

School Counselling

Each student will be able to consult with a school counsellor prior to enrolling at the Epistemo International School

Comparison with Peers

The student’s percentile rank will also be presented to enable students to understand where they stand in comparison to their peers.

How to Register

Fill up the online application form
Verify your mobile number with OTP and submit
You have successfully registered for the EPITEST

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any student studying in Class 4 to Class 10 in any board (CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, etc.) can appear for the VNAT

By giving the EPITEST, every student who successfully passes the cut-off score is eligible for a wide number and range of scholarships and cash prizes. Some students can even avail of a 100% exemption in annual school fees.

The VNAT is free and open to all eligible students. You only need to give 2 hours of your time to take the VNAT. We, at the Epistemo International School, realize that your time is valuable.

Fill up the online application form on www.vikasconcept.com/vnat

Total Number of Hours: 2 hours
Total Number of Questions: 60
Areas of Enquiry: Mental Ability which includes Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability.

Each correct answer gets +2 marks and there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

Up to 100 % scholarships, school fee waivers, and cash prizes will be awarded to successful students. So, get going!

The VNAT has to be taken online. The test will be conducted on the Vikas Concept School’s website at a date and time that will be communicated to all registered students. Students must use their system-generated password and their mobile number to login. Students must save their answers and continue during the test. They should submit their answers only when they have attempted the complete test.

The VNAT can be taken on any laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. We recommend that you use an updated Chrome browser. Also, do check your device, browser, and internet connection to ensure a seamless testing experience.

The test link will remain active for about 30 minutes after the scheduled start time. You need to login within this time frame to be able to take the VNAT. In case of the test being interrupted due to internet problems or a power failure, it will resume from where you left off.

The VNAT is online. You can choose any place that is convenient for you to login on your tablet, phone, or laptop to appear for the test.

Any Windows, Android, iOS or Mac device with a modern browser can be used to appear for the VNAT. However, desktops and laptops are preferred as they offer an easier user interface and stable internet connectivity to take the online test.

The only way you can login is by using your mobile number and a system-generated password. You can click on “Forgot Password” so that the password can be resent to you. If you are unable to access the EPITEST with your registered mobile number, send an email to

No, a student can only get one scholarship, school fee waiver, or cash prize at a time. We will calculate your lowest possible fee after availing of your scholarship or fee waiver.

No, only new students can appear for the VNAT.

No, you cannot.

Yes, you can register for future VNATs but only after one month from the time that you appeared for your last VNAT.

Any attempt to change the device or browser will result in exam termination. One student can appear for the VNAT on only one device and one browser. Therefore, you should ensure that before you appear for the VNAT, your device, internet connectivity, and browser are functioning properly.

Yes you can. However, the questions will require a fair amount of reasoning and will not be very simple.

The results will be announced 7 days after you appear for the test. The results will be available and posted on the portal for only 5 days, so we recommend that students download their reports within that time frame.

  • Do not exit Full Screen, as the test will end.
  • Do not press Esc, as the test will end.
  • Do not press Alt+TAB, as the test will end.
  • Test your browser and internet connection on your device before starting the test.
  • Do not change the browser on your device, as the test will end.
  • Do not click on any popup on your device that is not related to the EPITEST, as all your activities will be tracked during the test.
  • Do not refresh your page.
  • Do not press Home/Back as the test will end.
  • Do not switch OFF the device, as the test will end.
  • Please ensure that your device’s storage and memory are sufficient, before the test starts.
  • Please ensure that your battery is charged and your Internet is functioning well before the test starts.
  • Do not change the browser on the device, as the test will end.
  • Do not click on any popup on your device that is not related to the EPITEST, as all your activities will be tracked during the test.
  • Do not refresh your page.

You can email us at vnatqueries@vikasconcept.com, or you can call us at 7702900900

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