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Winners @Syahi- A Literary and Art Fest

SYAHI-2019 ‘SAVE EARTH ‘was organized by Meridian School, Madhapur on the 20th July 2019. 27 schools participated in various events on the theme- SAVING EARTH for a better tomorrow. 73 students from Vikas The Concept School registered and emerged the winners of the Overall Champions trophy. The Competitions were classified into four categories for students from PP1 to Grade XII The Chief Guest Ms. Renuka(MP) gave away the prizes to the Overall Champions in the presence of the Principal and the Meridian team. The following prizes are bagged by Vikasians

  • Reuben Renny(2A3), Advaith(3A1), Livya Liju(3A1),Swara Sunil(2A5),Vilohith(3A10), Katherin(3A1) bagged First Prize in Enact a Story
  • Keerthi Chandra.J(3A1) bagged in First Prize in Model Making (Waste is not waste until we waste it)
  • Chinmayi(3A6), Sehajaip Sing(3A2), Veeksha(3A5), Shashank(3A5), Aditi Rathod(3A8) ,Tarpas Ganatra(3A11) bagged First Prize in Poem Recitation (Group) (Aoa Milkar Gaye)
  • Saanvy.P(10A2), Shristi Singh(10A1), Mourya(10A3), Ananya Rao(10A7),Mayukh.T (9A5), Soujanya.T(9A4) bagged First Prize in Mime(Reduce carbon footprint )
  • Uddhav Hemant Rao(10A1) and Namita Joshi( 12) bagged First Prize in Standup Comedy
  • Radhika Krishna Tejaswi bagged Second Prize in Poetry Writing( A date with a slate)
  • Pravachana.Ch(10A8), Nymisha.D(10A8), Sruthika.P(10A3), Divya.I(10A3), Nitin.N(9A), Abhinav(9A), Aditya(9A) bagged Third Prize in Role Play (Ignites of Tomorrow)
  • Nishita Sharma(10A1) bagged Third Prize in Hasya Vyangya Kavita(Wah Wah Kye Baat Hain- Hasye)
  • Saanvi Bhat(10A1) bagged Third Prize Radio Jockey (Meridian Ke Madhyam Se)
  • Eshitha Reddy.K(5A4) bagged Third Prize in Poster Making (Doing Good Things Together)
  • Kamalesh.S(8A3) bagged Consolation Prize in Turn Coat(Voice your Choice)

Overall Championship

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